How The Raven Is A Shape Shifter

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Narrator 1: There once was a magical bird named Raven who lived in the Pacific Northwest. Raven was a shape shifter. This meant that she could change herself into anyone and then back to herself just by pulling her beak over her head.
Narrator 2: Raven could fool other animals into believing that she was, well, just about anybody. She was such a great shape shifter that nobody was ever able to tell that it was in fact really her pretending to be someone else.
Narrator 3: Raven had considerable charm. She was a thief and a liar! Raven used her charm to her advantage to make her lies sound like the truth. Those who trusted Raven often found themselves in a lot of trouble. However, Raven did not care at all. She was as selfish as she was clever.
Narrator 1: One day, Raven was looking up at the sky
Raven: Oh winter is coming! It will begin to snow quite soon as well and I really need food. Hmm... What shall I do? Oh yeah I know! Squirrel! I bet squirrel has piled up lots of food by now!
Narrator 2: But when she flew by Squirrel’s house…
Squirrel: (angry) Raven is that you? Go away!! I’m not going to let you take any of my nuts away from me! Go get your own food!! I am not going to let you get any!
Raven: Please!! I am really hungry!
Squirrel: No! Go away! Shoo! I know your true colors Raven! That’s what you said to the rest of your victims and then they were left with no food for themselves at all! I don’t trust you Raven. Just leave!
Raven: *sigh* Now, what do I do!!?? Who else can I go to? Umm… maybe Bear?.. yeah Bear! He’ll surely have food! He’ll help me!
Narrator 1: Thinking that she’ll find some food at Bear’s house, she flew there, but when she got to Bear’s cave. Bear was sound asleep for the winter. All Bear’s food was stor...

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...g to have a lot of fun!
Raven: You sure will!
(Crow comes back)
Raven: Crow! What are you doing here you should be singing! Go
Crow: But, but I’m hungry I want to eat something before I sing.
Raven: You can’t sing on a full stomach silly. Go sing now
Crow: But I-
Raven: Sing!
Narrator 1: Raven made Crow sing and sing until he could sing no more. All that came from Crow now was..
Crow: Caw Caw Caw
Narrator 2: Leftovers were taken by guests for their journey home. Raven took her share of food home and Crow was left with nothing.
***(everyone move aside, only narrator 1 in front)***
Narrator 1: Everyone invited Raven to their potlatches because she had invited them. Nobody invited Crow. Poor Crow had been fooled and had no choice but to starve. He didn’t get his singing voice back either. His only way of survival was through begging scraps of food from people
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