Personal Ership : The Difference Between Self And Ownership Essay

Personal Ership : The Difference Between Self And Ownership Essay

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Ownership is much different when put amongst other ideas and categories, it is related in regards to something that the person owns, now what is owning exactly? Own is defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary as, “belonging to oneself or itself”, this can be used when applied to possessing something, such as a piece of property, the person owns it and it belongs to them because they have signed the deed and all of that garbage. However, what is the thing that people call, owning the self, is there a difference between the sense of self and ownership, this is where the personal opinion steps into the picture. The sense of self is basically one’s perception of himself, for example, this person, may not know who he is, but he may have a thought on who he may be, the question is how can someone own their person, or is there truly such a thing? Self is definitely similar to ownership, therefore to be able to see this, one must use, personality, characteristics, and perception are used to find that the two are in fact close in similarities.
Personality is a part of the puzzle that must be used to see that there is truly a similarity between self and what a person would call ownership. We as individuals on this planet know that no two personalities are the same, there is always the slightest difference within that gives the personality of a person true diversity from other things that we see. Can someone own a personality? The answer to this question is simple, that in fact yes one can because that personality belongs to that individual, therefore they technically own it, this is because everyone has a different personality. Most people can be identified because the personality that they may have, which a good characteristic for per...

... middle of paper ... the self is once again true, but this is simply an opinion.
Self is definitely similar to ownership, as stated in the previous paragraphs, personality, characteristics, and perception play key roles in the concept that everyone does call owning the self. Owning the self is a truly interesting concept, whether one believes that it is truly achievable is a whole other story because it simply depends on the perception that someone has. It is important to know what is part of owning the self and how it plays an important role in what we do in the modern day. Sure, the two may be very different, self and ownership, but there are many similarities between the two of them, which means that they are in fact related to the factors that are part of the self. Hopefully, many others can soon think of the same things, but we all know that everyone has very diverse opinions.

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