Personal Energy : Electricity Footprint Essay

Personal Energy : Electricity Footprint Essay

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Assignment 1: Impact Logbook – 2015
Appendix 1
1. Personal Energy – Electricity Footprint
Based on my collected data, the energy consumption for my refrigerator alone is approximately 38% of the average energy consumption per day. (The energy consumption of the refrigerator is the highest).
On the day in which I decided to use the washing machine and the dryer, my average energy consumption approximately increased by a factor of 2 from the average energy consumption of my normal daily routine.
Energy saving and conservation potentials:
Using energy more efficiently can be an effective way for households to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also defer the need to develop new sources of energy. The Government has set a target for a 50 percent reduction in New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2050. (Ministry of Economic Development 11).
1. Drying clothes using natural sunlight instead of the dryer would probably conserve a substantial amount of energy as dryers have high power in watts and is used at reasonably long period of time.
2. Use energy efficient light bulbs to reduce power consumption. For example, it is recommended to use fluorescent tubes in preference incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent lamps are three (3) times more efficient and last ten (10) times longer. (Caribbean Youth Environment Network 1).
3. Instead of leaving electrical devices on standby, shut off unnecessary computers, printers, and copiers that are not in use and close-down/disconnect at the end of the working day (Caribbean Youth Environment Network 1).
4. To conserve power consumption from the refrigerator, several steps that can be taken includes allowing warm food to cool before storing in the refrigerator, be conscien...

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...9 million global hectares
3.24 tonnes / 1.58 = 2.051 hectares
Dividing New Zealand’s total bio capacity by the global hectares result I obtained :
45.9 million global hectares / 2.051 hectares =22.38 million
Rounding it up = 22.38 million people
Therefore, New Zealand can only support 22.38 million people based on my lifestyle.


My footprint is 3.42 tonnes, which equates to 42.76 tonnes. However, the average footprint for people in New Zealand is about 7.8 tonnes. The worldwide target is to ensure a sustainable planet is 2 tonnes.
I have reached to a conclusion that I do not have a sustainable footprint as my carbon footprint is well beyond the margins of the worldwide target for a carbon footprint, in order to remain a sustainable planet. My carbon footprint is 1.53 tonnes more than the world target for a sustainable carbon footprint (1.89 tonnes).

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