The Issue of Transportation and the Environment

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Transport- The issue of transportation and the environment is somewhat of a paradox. Transportation conveys certain socioeconomic benefits, but transportation is also effecting environmental systems. Positively, transportation supports the increasing need of mobility for passengers and freight, while negatively, transport is tied to motorizations, congestion on transport lines, and the growing lists of environmental externalities. Since the Industrial Age, humans have been rapidly changing their modes of travel, and as this evolution continues, we use more and more of the resources around us. We have now reached a point where transportation is a dominant source of emissions and is responsible for their impacts on the environment. Therefore, transportation is a quintessential dimension in the concept of sustainability, which is predicted to become the main focus due to vehicle emissions. Some have realized oil is a finite source and that they need to cut consumption and buy more local products. However, unfortunately, the idea of sustainability, despite the notion of nonrenewable e...
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