Essay on Personal Attributes And Specific Job Related

Essay on Personal Attributes And Specific Job Related

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Personal Attributes

Specific job related

Technical knowledge- This is important because you will need to know how to use and fix the technology like if there is a problem with someone technology and they call you. This also allows the company know that you will be able to do work without needing too much help. This is also valued by company so that they don’t you won’t get them a bad reputation

Working procedures and systems - This is important so you will know what happen to you if you are late or not coming in on a certain day so you know what you will need to do to get in touch with us.— This also benefits as they will be able to see what they need to finish and they know the rules on meeting instructed deadlines or the way to deal with customer problems.


Team working - This is important so the business know you are able to work as part of a group so that you are able to get the work done. This is also needed so that you will be able to work in a team and not argue or get into fights in the team. This is valued by company as they know you will be able to complete team work well.

Verbal and written communication skills - This is important because as you will need to make notes of what you done and then you will also be able to take notes in conversation and also attend meetings to talk about what 's going to happen next. This also allows you to be able to talk and give your view on the situation what they are talking about.

Numeric skills and creativity - This is important as they got to be creative with the plans they are making but also use some numbers so that they are able to solve problems. This also allows for them to be able to plan creative programs for the company to make for things like helping people...

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... fix the problem if you don 't know what you are doing. This is also important so you can solve the problem you have made over not been able to figure it out at all.

Determination - This is important as it gives you courage to do what you need to do over getting frightened and not doing anything at all about the situation and so that you can get it done quickly. This also very useful as it makes sure you won’t give up while you are working on a project that they need you to complete.

Tolerance is important because it allows the company to know that you won’t lose your patience while doing the task you was set to do or while talking to a customer. This may cost the company into losing customers which means the company will lose money. So they will have to employee tolerant people who are very patience as they won’t lose employees who may want to work for the company.

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