Personal and Emotional Ties in All the King’s Men Essay examples

Personal and Emotional Ties in All the King’s Men Essay examples

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If only time travel were possible, the past would no longer be an entity to regret. Every single person on this planet has regrets of unfulfilled past opportunities, and that is no exaggeration. No human can honestly say they have lived a life with no regrets. One of the main flaws of human nature is hindsight, or the ability to look back on past mistakes and form new ideas as to how the situation could have better been handled. In the story All the King’s Men, Jack Burden is his own worst enemy. Jack takes everything to the heart, no matter how menial the comment or action. He allows his past to rule his life as though history repeats itself without fail. The person allowing the past to repeat itself is Jack, however his so-called best friend Willie shares the blame. Willie is the reason for most of Jack’s misfortunes although Jack always has the option to walk away but never does. The downfall of man will be none other than himself. For example, no critic but the artist who created the work will see each and every flaw. In All the King’s Men, Robert Penn Warren utilizes a myriad of characters and their emotions to display morose obsessions with previous faults.
Personal history plays the main role in the life story of Jack Burden and/or Willie Stark. Jack’s fixation with his past drives him directly into Willie’s arms as a means of finding dirt on others. Jack’s upbringing with Adam brings Adam into the whole scheme of the hospital and Willie’s ultimate demise. The author writes, “It was Adam Stanton. I saw that his clothes were soaked and that mud and filth were sloped up his trousers half to the knees. I understood the abandoned car. He had walked away from it, in the rain. (…) his eyes were on the Boss, not on me. “Adam,” I...

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...ortant, as no flaws can be corrected without the realization of human imperfection. The scapegoat method of Jack’s does not work in reality; either responsibility is taken and advances are made, or obsessions over past occurrences will develop. Life can either be full of regrets, or full of satisfaction.

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