Personal Analysis Of Chuck Nolan 's Life Before He Essay

Personal Analysis Of Chuck Nolan 's Life Before He Essay

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Personal Synthesis
Watching Chuck Nolan’s life before he is stranded on the island he was very organized and time oriented. He seemed to be obsessed with his pager and the technology needed for him to always be on time and to be organized. This was an irony I saw with him when he was on the island, Chuck had to make everything on the island and had to find new way to do things that he could not use technology to complete anymore. Living on an island for four years by oneself would be very had and complicated, learning to cope with the loneliness and the fact you have to do everything for yourself would be the hardest thing in my opinion.
Chuck led a pretty lonely life on the island, being there for over four years I was surprised he did not go crazy. When he was first stranded he seemed pretty hopeless, not knowing how to do much or knowing how to survive on an island by himself, but closer to the end of his time on the island you see he has adapted a lot better and he remembers things that had happened in the past and planed a way off of the island. Looking over the attitude he kept while on the island before the time jump in the movie he seemed slightly lost, he could never really catch a fish and he struggled to start a fire and open a coconut. After the time jump it seemed his attitude about living on the island changed he seemed more adapted and at place there.
Chuck made a lot of decisions while he was on the island some were better than others or they were more helpful. After watching this movie as a kid I never really understood why he had that log hanging off the cliff, I always thought it may have been to signal help. Watching it know I understand what he was talking to his friend about, the fact he tried to hang himself...

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...ppropriately. This was one of the main aspects that brought me to this crossroad that I am at now and that I faced at the beginning of my college career. When I decided to go to college I wanted to be a doctor, so that is how I started out. Looking at the challenges ahead of me on that path I did some research and decided to change paths and pursue a career in Health Services. In health services I can still help people the way I like and it also fits into my plan for myself. With what makes me myself I look at the crossroad I am at now and all I think to do is to keep moving forward and straight. Looking back is a different me and going left or right provides many new challenges, so forward is my only option. Even though I will run into many other crossroads and challenges on my current path, I feel the way I am put together I can overcome anything that comes my way.

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