Performance Management and Employee Satisfaction, by Milica and Milos Jaksic.

Performance Management and Employee Satisfaction, by Milica and Milos Jaksic.

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The study of PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION is written by Milica and Milos Jaksic. In this paper they trying to relate human resource management practices on performance management that help to satisfaction of employee. HRM measuring employee performance and having valuable feedback helps to get higher achievement and better performance within the organisation. Moreover trying to focus on managerial effort that will improve the employee performance as well there satisfaction on work and matching the overall organisational achievement.

In various aspects and dimensions in literature, Employee satisfaction considered as one of the human resources management goal. As more it also viewed as one of the organisational culture impact by which the overall philosophy and attitude , belief, values and dominant goals are established in the organisation(Jaksic et al. 2012, p87).

In the success of the organisation, highly educated employee and there satisfaction with the workplace and the assignments they fulfil is more important originally written by Guest(2002 cited in Jaksic.M and Jaksic M, p 87).

Among many definition of Performance management, (Ivancevich, 2001, p243) define employe performance management is the process in which executive, manager and supervisors work together to combine employee performance with organisational goal.

Employee satisfaction can be analysed as one of the human resources management goals and main target of strategic management where it start with the satisfaction from key stakeholders in defining mission, strategy and aims of the organisation.

Kearns (2000,p 20 citied on Jaksci M and Jaksic M, p 88) trying to define PDCA model( Plan-Do-Check-Act), which help to devel...

... middle of paper ...

...ion and performance management system helps as a equipment to employees to have better skills and support performance with good strategy which lead to employee satisfaction(Kandula. R.S, 2006). Beside employee satisfaction organisation should also focus on customer satisfaction, client satisfaction as well stakeholder satisfaction.
Human Resource Management comes with performance management leads for better employee satisfaction. All the HRM activities like strategic or operational have significant impact on employee satisfaction. HRM helps to allocate all the employee working performance and it helps to manage it impact by monitoring and controlling which help to achieve best result. The HRM can allocate best suited education, training and other additional programmes which will increase the better result for he organisation along the satisfaction of employee.

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