Perceptions of Financial Students on Factors To Consider in Starting Business

Perceptions of Financial Students on Factors To Consider in Starting Business

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Human beings are continuously engaged in some activity or other to satisfy their unlimited wants. It is an economic activity, which is related with continuous and regular production, and distribution of goods and services for satisfying human wants.
Starting a business is the dream of many individuals. In setting up a business takes imagination, research, analytical skills time and money without this resources, one cannot fully support his chosen things in mind before even pursuing a project like starting a business.
This study covers about giving information to the readers on what to consider in starting a business to secure the success in handling an own firm and to be able to attract many customers to consume the goods and services that is offers, This paper also gives the readers deeper understanding to avoid business failure. In this study, covers the learning on how to handle and manage business for a business person will be able to achieve the target market of the firm. This study will also improve a person’s business skills and knowing whether a person is suited in owning a business.
McDonough (2011), states that opening a business can be enjoyable and thrilling time to people’s life. These seven things should be considered for a business person will be successful in the business, the market, the economy, the finances, the ability to handle stress and back-up plan.
According to Miles (2011), if a person is thinking to start businesses in his own the person needs to take time to be sure that everything is all prepared. Even if starting a business to every business person would be exciting they should take it slow since that there are many things need to be considered that could affect the business. These are the fact...

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