Essay on Perception of Women in the Media

Essay on Perception of Women in the Media

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Language is a system of communication which consists of a set of sounds and written symbols which are used by the people of a particular country or region for talking or writing. It is considered as an art because when used it able to help a person develop or create a certain picture in the mind. Language being an artifact of culture means that it is an interesting thing that is created by the people. It is an aspect of their way of life of the people. It also helps in development of the people as writers and intellects. As a culture it is a people’s way of life and therefore the impact it has to human beings cannot be under looked.
In this paper we shall examine how language in media has influenced the perception of women in different aspects of their life. It has influenced young women writers and intellects both positively and negative, but both have led to their development either directly or indirectly. Areas to be covered include the political, social dimensions. The discussion will feature how language as an art and artifact is related to perception of women in media. Its impact on personal development as writers and intellects will also be examined. By the end of the paper the reader should be in a position to change their perception towards their thinking of women and their life in general. (Tebbel,2000)
A woman is an adult female human being. A perception is a way of thinking about or an impression towards it. Media includes television, radio, newspapers and magazines or any other form of electronic or print system that passes information. Women can hold some opinions towards the media due to the language used. This is based on matters affecting them. It is evident that whenever a woman holds a position of powe...

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...has an impact on the perception of women. It influences decisions and their choices. The impact felt changes them in a way. Whichever part it has changed the end product is a lesson which causes a difference to their life. Therefore young women writers and intellects should aim to achieve positively from the media

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