People Visiting Other Countries Should Follow Local Customs and Behavior

People Visiting Other Countries Should Follow Local Customs and Behavior

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Customs and behavior is a long experience of people's lives through their history, track events and developments and passed on from parents to children and from one generation to another. Customs and behavior gives each country different theme and countries always seek to maintain them. Every county has different kind of celebrations and festivals it is come from customs and behavior and it is linked and directly affected from religions. The customs and behavior of our society are a mirror of our civilization. They reflect a clear picture of ours. Visitors other countries should follow local customs and behavior to be in the safe way and avoid risk, respect and appreciation culture of the country that they visit it and be a part of their community and culture.
Visitors to other countries follow the local customs and behavior to be safe and avoid risk because every country has different customs and behavior and some of customs and behavior in a country can be good and allowed and other country can be bad habits and is not allowed. Dummett, Hughes and Stephenson (2013) wrote that the messages transmit by your situation and beliefs are different in another case and culture. In other word People who receive the messages they understand in different ways depending on their personalities and their culture. For example in Arabic countries is not allowed for anyone other local people or visitors to drink alcohols and that behavior can make a big problem for them because the culture is reject that behavior and also the law of Arab countries do not permit it and punished for doing this behavior. When the visitors do not follow that customs and behavior it can make them in a bad situation and exposed to danger and some travelers are not aw...

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...n but can only throw greeting by saying hello or any greet word but in other countries it is allowed and normal. As well as in the USA the eye contact is extremely important in conveying interest and attention but in japan eye contact is uncomfortable and annoying.
Concluded the tourists must follow the customs and behavior of the country to be in a good situation and avoid any problem and appreciate their culture and support it. Everyone loves his country and loves to save the customs and behavior of the culture of his country and he wants to be respected.

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