People Help Each Other Out, and Feel Better when They Do Essay

People Help Each Other Out, and Feel Better when They Do Essay

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I had gone to a wedding the month of October. I had gone to plenty of Hispanic weddings before but this was my first “white” wedding. I was in a location with people I had never interacted other than my coworkers as well as an environment I was unfamiliar with. I didn’t realize this setting was going to be the event I would use for my final project.
The wedding was on a Sunday to begin with. Traditionally, weddings are done on Saturdays. I didn’t know whether this ceremony would end early or late. I had no clue what I was going to do since I always went to weddings with my family. Normally these weddings would be loud and full with music and I was completely aware that this wedding would be something different due to the mixed cultures between the bride and groom.
The ceremony was to be Brittany’s and Marvin’s wedding. Brittany is white and her new husband is Brazilian. The ceremony didn’t start until 3 and the church was going to be at a hotel and the reception at a restaurant. I work with Brittany at Islands and she only invited maybe around 10 people from work to go to her wedding. I got ready at my friend Lexi’s house. She had asked me in advance to get ready at her place. I had a couple other co-workers get ready together at each other’s houses. I’m assuming girls my age getting ready together for an event is so they feel accompanied and don’t worry about looking like a loner when they arrive. Lexi and I got to the hotel and we walked in to the wedding together. People showed up in groups. I didn’t see a single person who walked in on their own. There were mostly dyads at the event. It was mostly couples with no children. My manager, George, and his wife had gone together. There was also a couple sitting in front of u...

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...gement. At Islands if there’s ever an issue, it’s best to get the managers and have them figure out whether the guest gets a free meal or a gift card for their next visit.
The similarities between my two examples are that people help each other out and feel better when they do so. This is due to conformity. Whether it is getting ready together or cleaning at work together, communication and interaction between people is important. Better results come from working out together as a team. Sometimes, we need someone to help us better our self-esteem and do something to make us appreciate the things they do for us. They’re will be times, we’re someone’s more important or more of a favorite but then again it all depends on the role we are doing. Our actions determine our behavior. The nicer you are, the more people will help you out and take you as a consideration.

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