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I was fortunate to be able to attend the Spring Jazz Gala at the High School. Before entering the auditorium or even the school, I had high expectations that this would be like one of the concerts I used to perform in when I was in High School. We called it “Night at the Pops”. One of the highlights of our concert was the informal attire. We got to wear jeans and a different colored t shirt each year. The fun thing about the t-shirt is many people in band and choir designed a new design each year for the shirt. It was then voted on by all of us and whoever won had it plastered on the front of ALL the shirts! So, when I think about my assumptions and what I observed during this Spring Jazz Gala, they were definitely different. During this performance, I sat in the auditorium not a gym like what I had envisioned. The lights were dim like you were going to watch a play and the attire of the students were very sophisticated. You would find the gents wearing black suits with bow ties and the dames with elegant black dresses. Even though this wasn’t what I expected for this performance, I wasn’t too shocked because when I performed in high school, our attire was similar for all of our other concerts. We all wore black pants, white shirts, and…show more content…
Our “Night at the Pops” concert was upbeat and a more current genre. This performance was true jazz where it sounded very relaxing and made me feel calm. Although Jazz is not the type of music that I choose to listen to, it was enjoyable to watch these young musicians take pride in the pieces they had practiced so hard to perfect. One thing that took me by surprise was the clapping within the song. Because of the multiple instruments that were being played during the solo, I didn’t realize it was a solo until the second or third time the clapping occurred. With this said, I paid more attention to who was playing and was the

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