Peer Coaching or Clinical Supervision Essay

Peer Coaching or Clinical Supervision Essay

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Peer Coaching or Clinical Supervision
Supervision could be interpreted from many points of view and have many perceptions about it. Differentiating description from interpretation in observation is so crucial for instructional improvement (Glickman, et al., 2014). Also are different methods that an administrator might use while doing his or her supervision, furthermore, how this information is going to be used to further assistance teachers. As Glickman, et al., (2014) mentions that observations are a method of assessing and planning skills are useful to a supervisor in setting goals and activities for himself or herself as well as for others. Following it will be describe two models, clinical supervision and peer coaching, similes and differences among the models, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each model, how each model uses assessing and planning skills and each model's contribution to the supervisory process.
Similes and differences
Some administrators use clinical supervision or peer coaching to determine from which it is obtain the most feedback and some other uses this methods or the combination of both (Hooker, 2014). It is important the comparison of both methods in order to identify the benefits of each. The clinical supervision includes a developmental evaluation that is meant to assist and improve the instruction of teachers (Glickman, et al., 2010). It is necessary to do a preconference, lesson observation, analysis of the information and interpret the teaching observed, and a post conference to determine the effectiveness of the process. In the clinical supervision are steps to follow: first, during the preconference the administrator and teacher identify the process, purpose or reason of the ob...

... middle of paper ... and encourage teachers to grow as educators.

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