Peaceful Advice For Un Peacekeeping Essay

Peaceful Advice For Un Peacekeeping Essay

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Peaceful Advice for UN Peacekeeping
Why do we have peacekeeping? The United Nations (UN) established UN peacekeeping in 1948 (10 Facts You Need to Know About UN Peacekeeping) as a way to sustain peace in a state which just experienced the destruction of a civil war. Peacekeeping has brought together many countries from around the world and continues to thrive with the cooperation of nations as there are currently 17 peacekeeping missions deployed over 4 continents (10 Facts You Need to Know About UN Peacekeeping). UN peacekeeping although intended for the greater good, falls short of meeting those intentions as it could work more effectively with just a few improvements. Peacekeeping lacks adequate numbers of personnel required to effectively carry out Protection of Civilian tasks (PoC), it does not make for a peaceful and efficient transition, and there is not sufficient political willingness or impartiality from the UN. UN peacekeeping is not as effective as could be because there are not enough peacekeepers to run the operations efficiently. UN peacekeepers mitigate conflicts in two ways. The first way is by diverting the combatants’ interest in making the civilians a target by separating combatants from each other to reduce warfare activities (Hultman, Kathman, and Shannon). The other means of protection of civilians is from behind the battle lines, where peacekeepers create physical barriers between the combatants and the civilians who may be in danger of being a target (Hultman, Kathman, and Shannon). The only way the UN peacekeepers could carry out these two tasks effectively is if there were enough of them on the field, which is not the case due to budget constraints. Statistic...

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...acekeeping is a commendable mission that has been ongoing for just over 40 years. However, it is time for improvements to be made for more efficient peacekeeping. With less political influence, more peacekeeping missions can be deployed in greater numbers to ensure the efficiency of the recovery and stability of countries. These countries would benefit in strengthening their resilience as it would lead to longer standing stability. All of these improvements take time, money, and effort thereby raising the question; how immediate and relevant are these issues? According to the title of a recent UK article, only 11 countries in the entire world are free from conflict (Withnall). Thus, it is important for the UN to improve and implement long lasting and more effective means of peacekeeping, especially as the world today strays farther and farther away from world peace.

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