Patient 's Name Is Molly Greenwell Essay

Patient 's Name Is Molly Greenwell Essay

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Patient’s name is Molly Greenwell. She is a single non-Hispanic Caucasian Female. Molly is eighteen year old, with family background orientation of Italian culture. Molly does not work but she feels like she has enough stress surrounded around being a senior with a 4.0 GPA in an all-girls catholic school. She considers herself a shadow on the high school monarchy. This being said she feels like whatever she does, her parents are never happy enough. Having attended Italian school every Saturday, church and religion class every Sunday in the Roman Catholic Church; she feels like she has no friends. The one pleasure she does for herself is participate in a track team. Molly has two older brothers that tell her she is a piece of shit every day and she looks fat. Molly’s parents saying nothing has led to Molly feeling isolated in the family. Molly also has no mental health or dietary issues in her family history.
Acting as a counselor I feel Molly exhibits the symptoms of a panic disorder. I recognized the heightened anxiety as a stressor that evolved hand-in-hand from multiple years of Anorexia Nervosa. Anxiety-related disorders has been co-occurring with the Anorexia Nervosa. Through the use of Cognitive-Behavioral Theory, I intend to develop a hypothesis in regards to the issues Molly is facing. This will ultimately help Molly enhance self-awareness in how her health conditions are affecting her daily life. Once a diagnosis has been attained, I hope to specifically assign a treatment plan to Molly that is designed to meet her needs and help her grab control over her personal inconsistencies to lead to an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem.

Problems/Difficulties that Exist
In this case, Molly discussed with me an incident ...

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...o a topic I am not informed in, it is my ethical responsibility to educate myself in how to engage in with said culture, marginalized or discriminated group.
It is normal for the focus to diverge a little, during sessions, depending on the client’s mental state. Although we will maintain focus on the client goals that identify Molly’s key personal and relational dynamics that are the targets for her change. I will attempt to increase positive self-talk to reduce Molly’s reluctance to eat food. I will effectively link the client’s presenting problem to a treatment plan as well as provide the basis for tailoring a treatment that the client needs in reflection to the client 's presenting concerns. Ultimately therapy should lead to an increase of a sense of authenticity in the public scene and allow for Molly to live a positive healthy life both physically and mentally.

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