Parenting : The Eye Of The Storm Essay

Parenting : The Eye Of The Storm Essay

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Parenting: The Eye of the Storm

Parenting is single handedly the ultimate test of endurance, both emotionally and physically. Although someday I will look back and believe that parenting will have also been rewarding, currently it is like standing in the middle of a hurricane. The goal is to survive and not drown in the flood waters that surround you. Life right now feels like a category five Hurricane and I cannot wait for the storm to pass. Per usual, Shakespeare formulated the words perfectly to summarize parenting in a nutshell, “I would that were no age between 10 and 23, or that youth would sleep out the rest, for there is nothing in between but getting wenches with child, wronging the ancientry, stealing and fighting” (McCarthy and Hutz 63).
As the weather in Cache Valley shifted from the warmth of the summer to the nip of fall, I noticed my 14-year-old daughter began wearing her jackets almost constantly. Although I commented on it several times, I eventually chalked it up to her feeling uncomfortable with her changing body and wanting a little more coverage. I missed it by a mile and my assessment was so terribly wrong. Thankfully, a P.E. teacher payed attention, she noticed her arm had marks on it and referred her to the school counselor who then contacted me. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and I was completely dumbstruck when I looked at her arm and counted 19 self-inflicted cuts. Guilt, anger, fear, disbelief and the unknown of what actions to take to help her are all feelings that came rushing to the surface at once. Guilt due to the fact that I enrolled in college, guilt for the reason that I’m not as active in her school activities, guilt in that I am now a single mother. Anger was a very strong emotion that...

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...ncorporating as many of the suggestions as possible as well as doing the work asked of me by my daughter’s counselor and physician is going to be our starting point. Talking about cutting and the reasons why are also part of our road map, being secretive poses no benefit and by discussing this I find we have more people who are available to talk to Kayla. Fortunately, there are valuable resources online and her school counselor has received specialized training on this topic. Cutting and other forms of NSSI is happening to people all around us, therefore, society needs to do more to understand the cause, and curtail the effects, thereby decreasing the suicide attempts. This is not a topic that society should take lightly and the reality that cutting hurts less than the storm raging within the child should serve as the first discussion point.

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