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Ric nodded as Guy gave him a look of acknowledgment, before Guy headed off, Ric bowed his head, and headed in to the side room, he pulled up the chair and sat beside Serena, taking her hand, and monitoring her pulse. Feeling the beat from her wrist, that pulse seemed like the only part of Serena that appeared the same.

Her face looked so pale, she had a bruise on her temple, the Serena Campbell, he knew she loved was not there, not fully. However, he loved her, he loved her so much, and he did not know how she was going to see this through.

As she flickered open her eyes, their eyes met, but they did not say a word, they just sat in the moment. They could not say anything, neither had the words, Serena had a very clear picture of what had happened to her, but she did not want to remember, she did not want to talk about it, not yet.

Serena found some comfort in Ric, just being there, he was already doing a damn site more than Edward ever did, but then they had different circumstances, Edward and Ric were different people. Edward had never really ‘grown-up’, whereas Ric, granted he still made the odd mistake, knew how to act a little more mature and deal with situations head on – most of the time.

After half an hour of silence, where they both just looked at each other, their hands interlocked, nothing but the sounds of their breaths and the monitors around Serena echoing in the room, Serena broke the silence,

"Are they?"

Ric shook his head, "No... 'Re, I'm sorry"

"Why is this happening to me?" Serena asked, genuinely, she did not understand why she had so much bad luck.

"I don't know" Ric whispered softly “I don't know..."

Serena fell silent again, as Ric, looked to her, his heartbreaking. He did not ...

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...ither going to push him out, or she was going to let him support her. Standing up, he walked out of the room, looking back at her from the doorway. This was going to make or break their relationship, either, way he knew he did not want to lose Serena, their five and a half month relationship was worth saving, but he understood that things with her past were not as clear-cut as she made them out as.

He just did not know how he was going to pull Serena through this, or how he was going to get her to open up and confront what she needed to face. It hurt him to think that Serena did not trust him to see it through with her, that if they grieved together, that it would be easier for them, it would help her deal with the past too. He could give her all the time in the word, but time is one thing, shutting off emotions and burying them to move on is another.

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