Serena v. Rachel

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In the story Serena by Ron Rash, he sets the story in the state of North Carolina within mountains. The main characters he creates are Serena Pemberton who is the main character, George Pemberton who is Serena’s husband, Rachel Harmon, and Jacob Harmon who is Rachel’s son. Throughout the book, Serena and her husband George have many struggles such as marriage problems and killing people who they see as a threat or competition to them. They also have to deal with the fact that Racheal was impregnated by George; they both share a son Jacob. Within the whole conflict of the book, the two characters that really stand out as opposites are Serena and Rachel. When it comes to Serena she expresses evilness, hatefulness, mysteriousness, and she is very manipulative. With Rachel, she shows kindness, compassion, and she is very down to earth. When it comes to similarities, both of these characters express pride and confidence.
Serena a young women, known to be beautiful and courageous, has an evil side. A quote from the book, “they're timid men, especially Buchanan, "Serena said. “Willkie’s just gotten old, but it's Buchanan's nature. The sooner you and I are shed of them the better" (Rash 76). This shows how she does not care about anyone else but herself and her needs. Another thing to get from this quote, is the mysterious meaning that she could be pushing the idea of killing Buchanan or pushing the idea that they must find a way to get rid of him. Throughout the book, she uses her abilities to manipulate her husband into doing anything she wants and will do anything it cost to make people step down or get out of the way. Also in the book, a character named Galloway states, “I've never seen a women shoot a bear before, “he said," and I'...

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...the beginning, she seemed as if she does not want the baby and wanted to get rid of it but within time she grows up a little by little and realizes she really cares about him. Between these two characters, they both share two characteristics; pride and self-confidence. They show it in many ways from defending the families name to the ideal of power within sex. In the end, both of these characters show great strive to get what they want. Serena is a cold hearted women. All she cares about is herself; she comes first. As for Rachel, because of her son, she puts Jacob first and herself second. Rachel knows what it is like to show love or compassion towards other things in her life; Rachel has good priorities. All Serena has is hatred building up inside of her that she cannot control.

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