Book Thief Alternate Ending

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The book thief stood next to me and laughed at my response. “Haunted by humans?” She repeats. I nod, “Despite all the suffering you go through, you manage to get through it just fine. How is that possible?” Liesel shrugs and puts down the book. “I suppose it’s the will to live.” She responds blatantly. We sat there in a moment of silence, waiting to be broken by a sound. She was the first to break it. “What was your favorite event from my book?” The book thief asked me. I pondered hard. What was my favorite event? The times Rudy and her would go around secretly, stealing whatever they could? Or when Liesel and Max finally reunited after the harsh war? It was definitely a tough question. “Death?” Liesel interrupted my thoughts. Flustered, I responded, “My apologies, I was thinking of a response to your question.” She chuckled, and I was confused. “What’s so …show more content…

“I guess it never crossed my mind that Death would read my story, let alone so many times… Why?” She looked at me intensely. You could see it in her eyes, she desperately wanted a response. “It was a story that intrigued me. I tell myself, there’s no point in caring about them, they all die anyways. Except, I can’t help it. Survivors, like you, always catch my attention.” I took out a flag and held it in my hand. She tensed. “The three colors resonated with me, red, white, and black. I’ve seen multitudes of colors in my existence, but those three stood out the most when I saw you. Your story proved to me that human existence, truly is worth living. Even if life can be atrocious, humans are still capable of seeing hope in the smallest things such as words. It’s so captivating.” Liesel rose, and so did I. We stared at the road. No words were spoken, no movement, it was just us. Two existing beings standing trying to make sense of the world around us. I looked at Liesel, watching her contemplate. I wondered what she was thinking

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