Pakistani Suicide Bombers Can be Stopped Essay

Pakistani Suicide Bombers Can be Stopped Essay

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Since 2002, suicide attacks have become a growing terror in Pakistan and many other surrounding countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. The number of incidents have reached an upwards of 300, leaving over 5,000 injured and 12,000 dead in Pakistan alone (Pakistan Data Sheets). These statistics only give a tiny glimpse into the bigger problem that is suicide bombing. Hundreds upon thousands of people are having their lives ripped away everyday simply because someone chose to take it. Someone chose to believe in a cause that they believe is greater than humanity and decided to kill people over it. It is obvious that this is affecting millions per year, if not by death then by injury or loss. These bombings invoke fear in the people, creating a divide between the people. Additionally it is harming the economy in Pakistan by killing off valuable workmen and tradesmen. These radical groups, such as the Pakistan Taliban, who want to kill are not letting up and they won’t until they get what they want, which is supreme control. “Despite the Pakistan government's efforts to reach out to the Taliban for peace talks, there has been no letup in attacks on civilians and security forces by the Pakistani Taliban” this means that they mean business and the government can’t let them pursue their reign of terror any longer (“Taliban Attacks Continue in Pakistan Amid Efforts for Peace”).
There are several reasons along with the thirst of power that contribute to the Taliban and other radical groups’ capability. What could conjure someone to kill thousands of people? It could be they want to escape this world and the easiest way is to join one of these groups, because they feel like they have a reason other than personal gain. Some of the more Isl...

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