Essay about The Pacific Theater Of World War II

Essay about The Pacific Theater Of World War II

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The Pacific Theater of World War II
Japan and the United States fought one of history’s most drastically altering wars. It was filled with massive casualties, inexplicable horrors, and epic battles. The war caused innovations in weapons, strategy, and military combat. It worst of all created the first weapon that mankind could truly kill itself with. The war between Japan and the United States changed the course of the western world because of the causes, battles, and consequences that entailed it.
"The background to the Pacific War lay with rivalry between the United States (U.S.) and Japan.”(Sheehan 4). Both China and Japan wanted to take possession of Eastern Asia and profit from its natural resources. ”Japanese expansion in East Asia began in 1931 with the invasion of Manchuria and continued in 1937 with a brutal attack on China.”(World War II in the Pacific). The United States responded by backing a Chinese Army and cutting off supply lines with Japan. “By 1941 Japan was suffering from a shortage of essential materials. It wanted to expand its territory by taking advantage of the war in Europe that had broken out two years earlier.”(Sheehan 4).
Japan was hungry for expansion and needed to invade to gain resources and territory. “Indochina was a French colony in Southeast Asia. However, the French had been defeated by Nazi Germany and could not prevent Japan from Taking Control of this territory in the Pacific.”(Sheehan 4). The United States and its allies were completely stunned by this and “They reacted by freezing all Japanese funds under their control.”(Sheehan 5). Japan was now in desperation for supplies and was ready to attack to procure supplies.
Japan was sure that a preemptive strike on th...

... middle of paper ... civilian bombings in The Pacific War were not a new occurrence, they were thoroughly prevalent in it and in conflicts leading to the war. “ Air raids on urban areas were carried out on an even greater scale by Japanese forces on the Chinese city of Chongqing during the second Sino-Japanese War. In the five years from 1938, more than 10,000 people were killed.”(The Great Tokyo Air Raid and the bombing of Civilians in World War II).
The war between America and Japan eventually determined who would be the world’s one true future superpower. Any amount of different things could’ve happened in history if not for this war. Anything from Japan becoming the ruler of the pacific to invading mainland America could’ve happened. The world we know now would be very different if it were not for this war. Japan and America’s conflict forever changed and scaped the modern world.

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