The Battles Of Pearl Harbor And The Battle Of Midway

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The United States was engaged in a naval battle with Japan from June 4-7 1942, 6 months after Pearl Harbor (Carson) (Interview). This engagement was The Battle of Midway and the most important naval battle of WWII. The United States was able to take control of the Pacific after the victory. This battle not only determined naval superiority in the Pacific but also was a turning point for the entire World War. (Interview)
The Battle of Midway took place around the Islands of Midway. These islands are the farthest west of the Hawaiian chain of islands. These islands were important in the U.S. defense of the Hawaiian Islands. The U.S. force’s included 3 aircraft carriers (Yorktown, Enterprise, Hornet), 234 aircraft, 110 bombers, fighters and patrol planes, along with a fleet of 25 submariners. Admiral Chester Nimitz led the Americans. The American troops had been depleted by the attack on Pearl Harbor and the battle of Coral Sea. 6 large aircraft carriers and 400 aircraft highlighted the Japanese troops. Isoroku Yamamoto led the Japan forces. The Battle of Coral Sea was the battle before the Battle of Midway. At Coral Sea, Japan didn’t finish its goal of the mission, which was to invade Port Moresby in New Guinea in order for its planes to dominate the skies over northern Australia. Even though the mission failed the naval power was still with the Japanese. (Cragg) (Lambert) (Hone)
Japan’s goal during the Battle of Midway was to destroy the American aircraft carriers and take over the islands of midway, which would then led to their capture of Pearl Harbor. Confident in their advantage in numbers, Japan wanted to finish off the American fleet at Midway (Lambert). On the night before the battle, U.S. forces decoded...

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...2004 Joseph Mitchell updated Sir Edward Creasy’s 1851 study to rank Midway among the 20 most influential clashes. (Tillman)
Without a doubt the Battle of Midway is the most important battle of WWII. The battle marked the end of Japan’s dominant reign over the pacific and began the start of the U.S.’s campaign to Tokyo (Prados). Midway was the end of Japan’s strategic initiative, enabling the America to take the offensive two months later at Guadalcanal. Without a U.S. victory in June 1942, The U.S. warships still would have dropped anchor in Tokyo Bay, but at a greater cost (Tillman). The Battle of Midway saved American and allied troops not only in the Pacific but also on the European front. For the reasons of giving The United States control in the Pacific and saving the life’s of Americans and our allies, Midway was the most important naval battle of WWII.
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