Overview of the Monarchs of the Tudor Dynasty Essay examples

Overview of the Monarchs of the Tudor Dynasty Essay examples

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In 817 Alfred the Great became England’s first ruler, he was the first of many to come. The many King and Queens of England are divided into different eras by families. One of the families was the Tudor family, which is a well-known English monarchy. The Tudors were a family that ruled England from 1485 to 1603 whom ranged from Henry VII to Elizabeth I these rulers were well known because of different attributes they gave England.
I will be providing information about all six rulers that reigned England in this distinctive dynasty. Each King or Queen will have information about them in a paragraph, following these paragraphs will be a conclusion summarizing the Tudor family. My work cited page will indicate the ending of my paper.

Henry VII
Henry VII was the first of the Tudor family, which makes him the founder of the Tudor dynasty. Henrys father was Edmund Tudor a Welshman and his mother was Margaret Beaufort, a descendant of Edward III. The fact that Henry even became King was astonishing because Edward III children were before his marriage and it took some time before the courts approved of his children to be in the royal lineage. Nevertheless he was of royal heritage and became King of England. What solidified his throne though were his marriage and his battle against Richard III.” By 1485 the Wars of the Roses had been raging in England for many years between the Houses of York and Lancaster. The Lancastrian Henry later took for his bride Elizabeth of York thereby uniting the houses.” “The real matter was decided on the battlefield, at the Battle of Bosworth field. It was here that Henry and his forces met with Richard III and Henry won the crown.” (tudorhistoryHenryVIIpg2)By the end of his reign Henry II ac...

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... take her place once she dies. Queen Elizabeth I was the last of the Tudor Dynasty.
Although some of the Kings and Queens from the Tudor dynasty did not rule for an extended period of time each of the six rulers were of great importance in order to write history.

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Henry VII King of England pages 2-3

Henry VIII King of England page 2

Lady Jane Grey Queen of Nine Days page 2

Mary I Queen of England pages 3-4

Elizabeth I Queen of England page 2

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