Overview of the Department of Homeland Security Essay

Overview of the Department of Homeland Security Essay

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The Department of Homeland Security is a cabinet department of the executive branch in the U.S. government. Its job is to maintain the security of all Americans and prevent any group of people (i.e. terrorist) from provoking or committing dangerous acts that have the potential to harm American citizens or America’s way of life. This is the reason why this department was created, as a retaliation to 9/11, yet even when it is clear and obvious as to why the department was created, they still say that they need to be broader than that. Even the mission statement on the department’s website states that the mission is to create a “safer, more secure America, which is more resilient against terrorism and other potential threats” (Homeland Security). So instead of saying that their job is to maintain the security of American citizens, it states that their job is to maintain the safety and security of America. In order to do this, the department’s functions specialize in immigration and border security, cybersecurity for Americans, counterterrorism, and disaster response and recovery (Master of Homeland Security). This allows them access to our information that they deem “public” and to go through the information in the name of national security. This means that they could go through anything we put on the internet because they deemed that the internet is a public domain. Meaning that they are allowed to access anyone’s files online even if they need to hack it because of encryptions and firewalls. They’ve also allowed hacking into personal information on the hard drive and inputs that can be connected to the computer because of how much these inputs have integrated into the usage of the internet (i.e. cameras). So in a nutshell, The Dep...

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... like good ideas and the no-brainer terrible scenarios of 1984. It has become increasingly noticeable that the American Government has been abusing it powers for political reasons. Many of them showing the way the government is heading as well as the terrible outcome we could meet if we reach the end of this road. However, through all this confusion, only one thing is clear. If the government doesn’t change course, “1984” will become a reality.

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