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Overview of Alaskan Culture Essay

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Alaskan culture is full of a variance of characteristics. The Alaskan people have a deep sense of respect, pride and honor. This is as a result of the need and ability to adapt to an ever changing environment and still find a way to thrive. The Alaskan people are a strong representation of the American spirit of perseverance. The research done in this paper allowed me to view the Alaskan Native in an entirely different manner. My intent with this paper is to inform the reader on Alaskan culture, geographical breakdown, beliefs, as well as highlight the advancements of the Alaskan way of life throughout the years.

Physical Geography In order to get an understanding of the geographical breakdown of Alaska, you must understand the size of the state. Alaska is 589,000 square miles in size which is roughly three times the size of California. Alaska is often thought of as a separate world within the United States, although it has many links to North America In physical geography the examples include mountain ranges (Rocky Mountain and Coastal Mountain systems), climate (arctic and sub arctic), glaciers, plant life (tundra and boreal forest), and animals (moose, raven). Alaska’s transportation linkage with the rest of North America became a reality in World War II with the completion of the Alaska Highway. One of the foremost physical features within the state is Mount McKinley. Mount McKinley is the highest mountain peak in North America. At some 18,000 feet, the base to peak rise is the largest of any mountain that is entirely above sea level. It is the main attraction of Denali National Park, and one of the most visited locations within Alaska.
Human Geography The geographical characteristics of Alaska have an enormo...

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...he protection of allotments, and fire services, to name a few, are recognized as shared concerns of the tribal and federal governments. To this day Tribal leaders are active in pursuing federal resources for the benefit of their members. The transformation to a include Alaska as a key player in the modern America world is an ever evolving process. It would be wrong to think of Alaska as anything other than an important aspect of American life.

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