Essay on Overview of Air Pollution Regulations

Essay on Overview of Air Pollution Regulations

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The economic impact of current approaches to controlling air pollution is emissions taxes and most effective are marginal abatement. These are penalties that in percentage to the quantity an industry release into an air shed, local landfill, or waterway. The most effective control approaches are implemented into a regulatory policy with execution time limit and mechanisms for enforcement. There are differences in control measures that mandate through altered levels of régime of provincial (city, county), national, regional and state. Air pollution regulations established at the domestic level ensure the most advantage while minimizing margin, competitive and competition emphases.
A requirement of the Environmental Protection Agency is citing manufacturing facilities that may well introduce pollutants in the air or public waters. It is effective since the Environment Protection Agency works strictly with state and local governments in its pollution control efforts. State and local governments pass its individual laws and regulations which meet or surpass requirements of federal laws as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, RCRA, and CERCLA. Environment Protection Agency watches over the state's enforcement activities. It provides support to state officials and participates directly in major enforcement actions against violators of ecological regulations. “Environment Protection Agency (EPA) works with other federal environmental control agencies, which requires other federal agencies to pursue environmentally sound policies and prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) before undertaking any major action which significantly affect the environment.” (EPA, pp.25-26, 1989-1991)The objective for each control approach is towards ...

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...vative product development. Regulation is a compromise of conflicting public and industry interest as well as bureaucratic/ governmental objectives, which generates a consequence of deregulation rather erratic.

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