Essay On Air Pollution

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The purpose of this paper is to describe the main types of pollution and their effects.
Pollution can be defined as contaminating and spoiling the natural environment and our surroundings by using materials that cause harm and damage to the natural wealth. Pollution can be a result of human practices or some natural phenomenon.
There are many types of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and nuclear pollution. In this paper I will concentrate on the most common types of pollution: air pollution and water pollution.

Air Pollution
Air pollution is the most harmful type of pollution. It occurs because of the use of burning fuel that is necessary for transportation, which is an important activity of people’s daily lives. We need cars to go to work, planes to travel, and ships to deliver goods. The burning of fuel resulting from these activities causes air pollution. Also, some farming activities contribute to causing air pollution; examples are pesticides and chemical fertilizers which are cheaper than organic fertilizers but cause soil pollution and harm the ecosystem. Chemical fertilizers contain nitrates which is considered to be poisonous to humans specifically children. In addition, appliances used for heating purposes and for generating power are considered as sources of pollution. Other examples of air pollution are smoke from tobacco, noise pollution which relates to undesirable sounds that are transferred by air causing disturbing effects on people and humans. Acid rain causes pollution also. It occurs when sulfur and nitrogen dioxides mix with the moisture in the air. The acid affects stones, metals, and pollutes water.
Some of the main air pollutants are Carbon monoxide (CO), Ozone (O3), Nitr...

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...he environment should be set in accordance with the size of the problem. These policies should be implemented after providing people with the necessary information that will make them aware of the problem and the dangerous effects of pollution. After that, some clear standards should be set with regards to preventing producing pollutants. Although many governments all over the world are having such policies but from what is noticed and seen high levels of pollution still exist. The UAE for example has set measures and established government entities that focus on controlling environmental problems such as the Ministry of Environment and Water and Environment Authority. These entities enforce rules on industrial companies to reduce the effect of pollution. However, more efforts and plans are needed to develop the awareness in this concern at the individual level.
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