Overlooking Personality and Age Differences in Max Apple's “Roommates” Essay

Overlooking Personality and Age Differences in Max Apple's “Roommates” Essay

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Max Apple's “Roommates” tells the story of two unnamed men, a grandfather and his grandson, and the unusual circumstances that lead them to share the same house for over 30 years. The grandfather is described as an irate man, a lover of strife, who dedicated his life to perpetual arguments and complaints. The grandson, the author of the piece, never explicitly describes himself, but one can infer from the text that he is an affable man who has a pleasant character, both considerate and introverted. Although it is obvious to the reader that the two men are complete opposites, certain similarities can also be seen after comprehensive examination of the text.
It goes without saying that these two figures are born at different times and in different places. The grandfather is described as a young immigrant from Lithuania, arriving in the United States before World War I. At no point in the story does the author bring our attention to his birth place, leaving us to assume that he was born in America. The author does not ascribe special significance to these differences leaving the read...

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