Our Lives We Use Critical Thinking Skills Essay

Our Lives We Use Critical Thinking Skills Essay

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Everyday in our lives we use critical thinking skills and our perspectives to help us assess and handle situations carefully. Throughout my life I have been granted experiences that have helped me become a more logical, openminded, communicative thinker. My experience while in Honduras helped me strengthen my thinking skill of not making assumptions and jumping to conclusions and my experience with prejudices, stereotypes, and labeling helped me become better at communicating and handling my situations carefully.

An experience that changed and also shaped my thinking of the worlds view was when my grandparents took me on a cruise at a young age to Honduras. Before the cruise, I had spent numerous hours searching the Internet viewing images of the country. After viewing the pictures, my perception of the country was that it was a beautiful tourist attraction filled with palm trees, breathtaking beaches and locals that faces never dulled. I also thought that it would be similar to America in aspects of wealth, language, and culture. Once the cruise docked, we boarded small town cars and were escorted to our destination, La Entrada. Upon arrival to our destination I instantly noticed that my assumptions of the country were very incorrect.

La Entrada was a very rural country, that did not have the palm trees, breathtaking beaches or the locals that faces never dulled. It was much different than I had perceived. There were small shacks aligning the narrow roads that were filled with litter. We had met locals at the restaurant we had ate at and they were not friendly as I had once thought of them. After we left the restaurant, we got into a taxi that attempted to bring us to our location but was unsuccessful because of the hills ste...

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...ing and problem skills in the essence that I communicate better with others and assess situations carefully.

In conclusion, my life experiences have overall helped me strengthen my critical thinking skills. I have had periods of time in my life where I 've jumped to conclusions and made premature assumptions and have also struggled with communicating with others which aren 't characteristics of a critical thinker but along the way my experiences have really opened my mind and helped me develop on the path to becoming a more critical thinker in all aspects of my daily life. This includes handling and critically thinking how to solve the biggest issue such as properly distributing my time between school, work and my friends to the smallest such as what to wear. I now am a well rounded thinker who goes about situations critically and with a logical and open mindset.

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