Essay about The Other L Word By William Jelani Cobb

Essay about The Other L Word By William Jelani Cobb

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At least once in their life a person will cross the path of love. They will find someone they feel deeply affectionate for and in some cases the feeling will remain throughout the rest of their life. Love has always overlapped the lives of many, creating both happiness and sadness. As time has moved forward love has also moved forward and is constantly being shaped by four key factors. These four factors are race, identity, gender, and religion. Similarly to these factors shaping love they also shape and inform the community. The reason for this is because love and the community coexist. Love can be used to influence the community and as love is shaped and informed by race, identity, gender, and religion so is the community.
William Jelani Cobb’s “The Other L-Word” is a prime example of how love can be shaped by race and identity as well as how it affects and shapes the community. “The Other L-Word” uses slaves and their loves as an exemplification on the shaping of love. During the time of slavery colored people were looked down upon and treated differently. According to Cobb some masters had forbid their slaves from loving and being married, but this did not stop the slaves. Cobb states that, “One of the most common causes of slave escapes was to see loved ones on distant plantations” and “Others risked their lives to protect their spouses” (Cobb 290). These two statements prove that love shapes the identity of the person because despite the fact that these slaves were not free they made their own choices and exemplified their true personality through these choices. In the case of race being a factor of love for slaves their race shapes their love to be an adversity. Evidently since slaves were not free people they could not l...

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...ormed by religion is once again either positive or negative. The positive way is that religion can continue to bring people together who will eventually form their own religious community and grow out of that. The negative aspect is that love can inform the community to use their religion as a means of negativity. Going back to the idea of same gender love is a prime example of how the community can become negative through influence. Certain religious members consider the LGBT community wrong and sinful, by the LGBT love spreading the religious members being negative will also spread. Essentially, the religious members who believe LGBT lovers are sinful are using their religion as means to attack LGBT members. This negative use of religion, a belief in a god that usually coexists with peace, shows how love can use religion as a means to display the ethics of people.

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