Organizational Power and Behavior: Stryker Instruments Essay examples

Organizational Power and Behavior: Stryker Instruments Essay examples

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Identify significant conflicts or power struggles within your organization. What are the issues? What are the biblical implications? There are three major struggles within my organization. The primary struggle for Stryker is integrated manufacturing ability to meet the assembly lines production demands. In addition to those demands is the diminishing ability of Stryker’s integrated manufacturing team to make a profit while being burdened by higher operating costs. And lastly is the trial of complying with a growing array of Food and Drug Administration regulations concerning process change control.
Currently the primary struggle for the integrated manufacturing employees at Stryker Instruments is to meet the assembly lines demands. This struggle originates from operating under a just in time delivery system. J.I.T. delivery is a manufacturing strategy that attempts to improve a business' profitability by reducing in-process inventory and the costs associated with extra inventory, such as the taxes that are charged to all of the inventory that Stryker instruments has in stock. The process relies on clear communication between the various points in the manufacturing and assembly processes. For J.I.T. delivery to work properly, the assembly line should relay what components are being consumed to the manufacturing work centers located in integrated manufacturing. This signals the integrated manufacturing team to replenish the supply of certain high demand components.
However, there are times when the communication signals between the assembly line and integrated manufacturing aren’t clear, or a work center in integrated manufacturing is offline while it is being repaired. When these miscommunications and repair issues happen it o...

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...s operating procedures. This would benefit the organization by reducing the learning curve for all of its new employees. Specific SOP’s could be made for many of the situations that new employees encounter. For example new employees could use these SOP’s as study guides when working in work centers, how many quotes to get when conducting personal tooling allowance purchase requisitions, how to communicate effectively with coworkers in other departments, etc. Tasks like these could all be performed without consulting high salaried support staff. It would also help promote self-reliance in new employees.

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