Organizational Behavior

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In the story, Animal Farm by George Orwell, there are many types of organizational behavior characteristics. The animals portray human traits and physical qualities to show these characteristics.
Due to their mistreatment by Mr. Jones, the owner of the farm, the animals start organizing meetings to discuss their plans to overtake the farm. In the beginning, they are led by an old pig named Old Major. He talks to them about their situation at the farm and the problems they have to endure. He leads them to believe that their biggest problem is “the man”, and how “the man” uses them to satisfy his own needs without giving a thought to theirs. The animals begin to make plans to revolt against “the man” and take control of their own lives. A few days after the meeting though, Old Major dies. This is the beginning of a whole new set of problems for the animals when two other pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, take charge of the revolt against man.
Together, Snowball and Napoleon begin plotting the takeover of the farm from Mr. Jones. Along with the other animals, they succeed in driving him away from the farm. The animals then begin building their own society. They try to build a government in which they are all dependent on one another, called Animalism. The animals rename the farm from Manor Farm to Animal Farm and they also come up with their seven commandments, which basically said that all animals were created equal and that “the man” was the enemy. Snowball wanted to educate all the other farm animals but Napoleon did not agree with this. He thought that only the young should be educated and not the older adult animals. This is when Napoleon starts plotting to gain complete control. When Snowball brings to the meeting t...

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...umans. The pigs have become just as corrupt as the humans that they so despised in the beginning. When Old Major began this, the whole purpose of his intentions were to differentiate themselves from the humans that they considered so evil and corrupt. The pigs became so power hungry that they betrayed the other animals. They were now living in the farmhouse, eating all they wanted, and enjoying all the comforts that “the man” had enjoyed while all the other farm animals were back to living in horrible conditions. The pigs were treating the other animals in the exact same way that “the man” had treated them. The farm animals were once again slaves to “the man”. They were worked hard, given little to eat, and living exactly the same way they had before. The absolute power that was given to the pigs caused them to become selfish, greedy, and uncaring of others.
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