Oracle 's Core Relational Database Management System Essays

Oracle 's Core Relational Database Management System Essays

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E-Business Suite
Oracle E-Business Suite is a bundling of several oracle based applications released in February of 2007. The goal is to integrate the global business applications involved with doing online business. And as a result, enables organizations to reduce costs, make better decisions, and increase performance. This is made possible by Oracle’s core relational database management system. No matter if the organization is large, small or medium size, it will be able to help customers manage complexities and solve business related issues. Some of the benefits of Oracle’s E-Business Suite include: lower total cost of ownership compared to IBM POWER7+ by 4 times, easily supporting up to 2,000 concurrent users for higher workloads or further consolidation, and maximizing global user productivity with 24/7 availability of Oracle Database. Oracle further promises to enhance, protect, and extend the value of the clientele’s software investment.
For example, Office Depot being one of the largest retailers in the world of office supply products with 900 stores in the United States and about 500 more in Europe and the Middle East is a customer of Oracle. “Oracle really differentiated themselves with the platform choice because they really brought different elements to the table whether it was oracle consulting with their expertise on platform or whether it was the application experts.” What really pulled Oracle to Office Depot were the power, engineering design and the customizability of their database to run on different platforms. Office Depot was able to achieve 15-20% improvement in performance of the application. “It was a much more simplified architecture with a lot less complexities.”
Some products lines that are categoriz...

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...ales service including maintenance, repair, and parts, accounts for less than 20% of revenue. But among the most innovative companies in service, those same activities often generate more than 50% of profit.”
There are many benefits for companies to establish service management system. Service costs can be reduced by integrating the service and supply chain. Reducing levels within inventory service parts will reduce inventory costs. The quality of service provided to the customer is increased thus improving customer satisfaction. Other cost reductions include obsolescence due to better forecasting, and expenditure because products or parts are no longer rushed to the customer. Finally, technicians won’t have to pay as many visits. With the right parts in hand, the first visit should fix the problem. The degree to how much firms can benefit varies on their practices.

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