Essay about Oppression Is The Flip Side Of Privilege

Essay about Oppression Is The Flip Side Of Privilege

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Oppression is the flip side of privilege,like privilege, oppression results from the social relationship between privileged and oppressed categories. Thus, in order to have the experience of being oppressed, it is necessary to belong to an oppressed category.For example, whites cannot be oppressed as whites and heterosexuals cannot be oppressed as heterosexuals, because oppression only exists whether is another group there to oppress them. Oppression as Mullally states, “…is by virtue of being a group member of a group or category of people that is systematically reduced,molded, immobilized”(Mullaly,253). By living, everyday I reinforce both my oppression and my privilege. It is interlocking, which means it cannot be taken apart. As Baskin states, “This understanding of interrelatedness also applies to each individual. Carol Locust (1988), for example, writes: “as Native people, we cannot separate our spiritual teachings from our learning, nor can we separate our beliefs about who, and what we are from our values and our behaviours” (p. 328). Hence, all of the aspects of a person – physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual – are connected and cannot be viewed in isolation” (Baskin,2011).
When the term “privilege” is used people immediately think it means that everything you have in life has been handed to you, and that’s not what privilege is. I was raised in an upper middle class neighborhood. That means I was able to go to a good school, I never had to worry about being in a dangerous neighborhood, I always had access to technology, and there were very few cases in my childhood where money was an issue.I always had food in my stomach unlike a lot of other Canadians who are apart of the class struggles in this country....

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...t that can bring about profound an lasting change— These questions can only be answered when we begin to organize together, ready to struggle on each other’s behalf. Understanding each other will compel us a s honest, caring people to fight each others oppression as though it were our own”(Feinberg, 1999). I am also privileged in the sense that I have Able-Body privilege. I am not pitied because of disabilities, I am able to feel safe in a lot of spaces that people with disabilities may not and I never feel inferior due to disability or mental illness. “Evidence suggests children with disabilities experience increased amounts of various forms of victimization compared to their peers without disabilities, including verbal aggression, social exclusion/relational bullying, and physical aggression” (Ajodhia-Andrews,2014). I am privileged because felt unsafe in who I am.

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