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Online Campus Dean Position At The Chicago School Essays

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To the search committee,

I would like to submit my application for the Online Campus Dean position at the Chicago School. I have more than 13 years of higher education experience while leading enrollment units at a variety of institutions, most recently working with online adult learners. I am interested in your position because I believe in access to quality higher education for all students, and I have dedicated my career to the values of education, service, and community. My experience as a change agent has positively impacted the culture of admissions and enrollment teams through my ability to build cohesive groups, solve problems, think critically, maximize technology, collaborate with diverse constituents, and make tough decisions. I find myself in a unique position having developed and executed strategic recruitment and enrollment plans at uniquely different colleges while serving adult learners, under-represented minority populations, and traditional high ability students. Thriving as a leader in higher education, I enjoy collegial environments that promote innovative and entrepreneurial systems to create undergraduate and graduate program access to a wide audience of students. At the Chicago School, you are looking for an agile leader to develop long-term strategies for your online campus enrollment goals, and I have direct admissions and enrollment experience to develop a plan. My passion is serving a diverse student body, and I believe that my enrollment experience in higher education will allow me to be a valuable asset to your team.

Most recently I served as Assistant Vice-President of Regional Locations at University of Maryland University College, where I managed a P&L budget of over $2.8 million while directi...

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... recognized score optional admission policy. I planned nationwide recruitment travel for the admission’s recruitment team of professional staff and volunteers. As Director, I also co-chaired the file review committee alongside the Executive Director of Admissions, where I was responsible for the file review of over 15,000 freshmen applications.

I have led teams with competence and vigor at each institution I have served; I increased the profile of the freshmen class at Norfolk State; at George Mason I worked closely with a diverse, competitive, high-achieving body of students; moreover, directed a student-centric advising staff at UMUC, while also increasing hybrid and online student enrollment. I hope to gain the opportunity to interview and engage in conversation as to why I’m the right candidate for the Online Campus Dean position.


Kevin M. Holmes

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