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Victimology: The Ones Who Matter

When people think of crime they think of the act that has been committed and the suspect that has done the crime. Sadly, most people tend to forget about the victim of the crime when they study the figures. Luckily, Victimology is the study of these victims and a whole field is dedicated to these people. Victimology has become a very important study and now reveals important figures that helps experts study different crimes. Homicide is once crime in particular that really benefits from this study and also studies the victims to understand the clues of the homicide.
Homicide accounts for over 16,000 deaths each year in the United States (CDC). These fatalities effect societies and the families associated with the crimes. The study of the effects began in 1948 when a German criminologist Hentig looked at the effects a homicide placed on families and the societies they lived in. He also tried to understand why one person was a victim and another was not, thus was the start of modern Victimology. Later in 1948 Hentig began to realize that there were as many types of victims as there are criminals. Hentig began to break down the victims into four types, depressive, greedy, wonton, and tormentor. Depressive victim according to Hentig was the easiest to target due to the fact they are careless and unsuspecting of any criminal acts. The greedy victim according to Hentig was easy to trick and fool and thus led them to be victims. The wonton victim is said to be vulnerable due to their neediness and thus invited crime. Lastly Hentig describes the tormentor victim as the abuser in a relationship, and the chronic victim of the tormentor’s violence retaliated causing the tormentor to be the victim. The torm...

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...brought intense fear for some. No studies have currently been conducted on how these events shaped the baby boomer generation, however, the way that event shaped other history is noticeable. Researchers have not identified the country as a victim of this assassination, even though in fact, the entire country and possibly the world felt the heaviness of the incident (Moments).
Victimology is an over looked field that has so much potential in helping current Criminal Justice society. Studying how victims react to crime helps police identify trends and help prevent more crime. Studying how homicide effects families and society helps identify those who need attention for the emotional scares they suffered. Restorative Justice also is a clever new way of putting victims in control and helping them reach more closure with the crime that was committed against them.

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