Serial Murder Case Study

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Serial murder investigations are the most difficult cases for investigators. Serial murder investigations can become wide spread, and can include many challenges that will require time, money and resources. An example of the commitment required to investigate a serial murder case is that of Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. One investigator worked the investigation full time for 11 years. The day he made the Arrest was the day he retired. Serial murder is one of today’s most terrifying crimes. The killing of multiple people within various jurisdictions can alter everyday life for people residing within these communities. The result is intense pressure from the public and media placed on investigators to track down and apprehend these killers who commit such horrific acts to unsuspecting victims.
Serial killers are typically known to fantasize as to how they intend to kill their victims. Additionally, they develop a well laid out plan as to how this will occur and in doing so leave little evidence at the scene for investigators to follow up with. Serial killers also tend to target persons that may not be missed for some time such as prostitutes or run-aways. As a result a long period of time will pass before the victim is ever found and an investigation is started. This becomes an ongoing challenge to
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The role in which police departments follow is the detail of patrolling communities, responding to emergency calls of service, and conducting investigations in an effort to follow up reported crimes. Reactive policing is responding to a crime that has already been committed. Police officers patrol areas within their own jurisdictions not only to look for crime, but to also be visible so to deter crime from happening. “Routine Patrol” includes the additional element of response time. Officers out patrolling their communities is required in order to facilitate response in a timely manner to dispatch
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