Essay about The Olympics Of The Paralympic Games

Essay about The Olympics Of The Paralympic Games

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According to Wikipedia, the “National Olympic Committees select from within their national territory cities to put forward bids to host an Olympic Games. The staging of the Paralympic Games is automatically included in the bid. Since the creation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1894, which successfully appropriated the name of the Ancient Greek Olympics to create a modern sporting event, interested cities have rivalled for selection as host of the Summer or Winter Olympic Games.” (
The bidding process starts ten years out from the actual start of the Olympics in the invitation phase where the IOC invites those interested, National Olympic Committee (NOC) in hosting the Olympics to attend workshops for the upcoming Games. During the workshops the interested cities will begin to develop long term goals by looking at the sustainability and the legacy of the Olympic and city which is bidding for the Olympics. The next phase is the Application Phase where the IOC holds information sessions for the NOC which is roughly nine years to the Olympics after the information sessions, the cities submit their application to the IOC which includes the vision and ideas, procedures, contracts, venues to be used, sustainability and legacy for the Olympics. The next phase is the Candidate Phase which is during the eighth year which is the most complex of the bidding process. During this phase the IOC accepts the candidates bids, bid cities will participate in observations of the Olympic Games, IOC holds Candidates City workshops, Candidates submit candidate files to IOC, IOC commission evaluation committee visits the candidate cities, IOC publishes evaluation of the of commission c...

... middle of paper ..., marketing and vision are the highlights for the bid however with the bid wanting to cut cost and utilize the venues that are in place and wanting hold the Olympic Village near the UN brought more concerns to safety and security and will many countries not having as huge of a terrorist attack as New York City had in 2001 brought up more concerns with safety. The IOC scored New York City’s bid at 7.5 out of 10 which is where I would have scored it too based upon the other countries that were also bidding. If the United States wants to hold another Olympics we need to focus on safety because the United States is where everyone in the world see you can create dreams which mean we must be the safest and during the Summer Olympic in 1996 in Atlanta there was a bombing which is why the safety and security is a key and needs to be more of a focus for New York City.

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