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The summer Olympic games isone of the most prestigious events in world history. Olympic games started in Athens in 776B.C.E, mostly to praise all the gods but also to show political peace throughout Greece. Olympic games gave people chance to show off there skills and also to become well known to become known as a legend. These games really brought the community together it created and maintained a common bond. Only the best of the best athletes came and competed in the events. These games affected the political status so the created a The "Olympic Truce” which was established in ancient Greece in the 9th century BC between three kings. During the Truce period, athletes, artists and their families could travel in total safety to participate in or attend the Olympic games and return afterwards to their respective countries. (" Olympic Movement Promotes Peace Worldwide. ) There were four crucial parts in the history of the Olympic games starting with the start in 776B.C.E, then 1896, 1970/1980s, and lastly modern day Olympic games. This work is an evolutionary piece denoting change and continuities over time in the Olympic games. As games started in 776 B.C.E it was staged on the great plains of Olympia. These games were also known as a religious festival for praising the gods. the twenty-third book of the Iliad shows the athletic games were for local heroes and deities, such as Pelops, who lived in the region of Olympia. In addition, Achilles was reported to have participated in the athletic contests in order to honor close friend Patroclus, who died in battle.(Olympic Games Begin, 776 b.c.e." Historic World Events.) The Olympic games were limited to amateur athletes, younger athletes were not allowed to compete in the ancient ... ... middle of paper ... and honorable events in world history. There were four crucial parts in the Olympic history that change the games forever. Meaning it changed in all equality from the origin in 766 B.C.E all the way to modern day today which is the latest games in 2012. These games always kept running because it gave people a new way of living by seeing all the different types of countries competing and showing off the skill. This was what most athletes worked for. These games set honorable meaning as the modern day games begun they would light a torch that would symbolize the games had begun. These games weren't just games to some people these games were ways to get a worldwide message across no matter if it was about race, gender, or even life. These games shifted in a way that no one could really explain but it gave everyone a sense of what's really out there in this world.

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