The Olympic Games : A World Competition Essay

The Olympic Games : A World Competition Essay

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The Olympic Games is a world competition in which various nations come together for a friendly competition to see which country competes best at each particular sport. The modern Olympic Games were inspired by the ancient Greek Olympic games in the 8th century BC, which were held in Olympia, Greece. Presently, the Olympic Games are broken apart into the summer and winter Olympic Games and take place every 4 years, but alternate every 2 years from each other. The IOC stands for the International Olympic Committee, who is a non-profit independent international organization made up of volunteers who want “to develop, promote and protect the Olympic Movement in their respective countries” (About the IOC Institution, 2016). The IOC is dedicated to promote and build peace through educating the youth and public of friendly competition through sports without discrimination, with a spirit of solidarity, friendship and fairness in mind. From the start of the IOC in 1896 to the mid 1970’s, the IOC had little difficulty standing for their values while also producing revenue, but starting around 1976, they started to drift away from their morals. Since the IOC is a not-for-profit organization, they rely heavily on outside sources for revenue by signing corporate deals and sponsorships. Due to their need for revenue to help the Olympic Games keep moving forward and their need to strive to become bigger and better, they have slowly started to slip away from their values by signing any company willing to dish out money for support even if they go against the IOC’s values. In order to keep supporting the values that were first set up in 1896, the IOC needs to balance the revenue contributed by outside sources while also reducing damages do...

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... it needs to made public to the communities around the world the issue of commercialism and how it is slowly starting to transform the games into something that they should not be considered. As stated before, the Olympic Games is an event in which nations around the world come together for a peaceful and friendly competition to see who has earned the title of being the best in the world. The Olympics is a place in which the IOC encourages participants “to experience values-based learning and to assume the responsibilities of good citizenship”, and with the corruption in the IOC dealing with commercialism, the games are slowly starting to drift away from these values (Olympic Values Education Program, 2016). Hopefully in the future, some of these solutions can be put in place to make the games go back into the purest and genuine form of games that they used to be.

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