Essay on Oh Those Bigfoot Movies!

Essay on Oh Those Bigfoot Movies!

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Reading Loren Coleman's blog, Cryptomundo, is a chore I willingly do to try and keep up with the status of special pleading and positive confirmation bias being presented as evidence and reason within the cryptozoological community. Usually, this is an exercise in reading posts which appear to be meant to generate website traffic and/or blur the line between legitimate Zoological/Biological discoveries and the “field” of cryptozoology. Anyone who reads this blog is aware of my opinion of the quality of Cryptomundo's material. It's hard to get much lower into stupidity without being an antivaxxer, Holocaust denier, or homeopath cancer-quack. Occasionally though, I do get a gem or two that makes me laugh out loud when I read them. One of today's offerings is just such a case.

In his post, How Kids Films Destroyed Sasquatch Research, Coleman tries to make the claim that movies made for children are responsible for the increase in what he calls “silly skepticism”. To support his argument, he presents a movie called “Little Bigfoot” which was released in 1997. Ever hear of it? I certainly hadn't before I read Coleman's post but it appears to be making the rounds today. Regardless, blaming bad movies (in his opinion anyway) on what I interpret to be his apparent observation of the decrease of true-believers in cryptozoology is a prime example of special pleading and I thought I'd point it out and provide a rebuttal.

While Coleman asks for debate on his blog, I know he is not willing to really open up that can of worms on his site. Myself and others have posted criticisms and the like on Cryptomundo only to have them disappear or never get posted at all. Obviously, Coleman and the site's owner are not interested in real ...

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...nd their fundamental lack of evidence and are making more rational and educated decisions based more upon the evidence rather than belief alone.

Whether Coleman addresses any of these points remains to be seen. However, I think the recent rise of Skepticism which Coleman clearly abhors is being seen in other venues as well. Dr. Novella, Orac and others have already written about the positive effect of Skepticism on what appears to be the downfall of Homeopathy and the recent turn of events which have shown the absolute failures of the antivax movement. While the internet does make it easier for the wack-a-loons to get in touch with each other, it is also making it easier for the Skeptics to criticize and get our message out. As a result, the public is becoming better informed and educated and that, unfortunately for Mr. Coleman, damages belief in cryptozoology.

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