Oedipus Rex As A Reader Response Criticism Essay

Oedipus Rex As A Reader Response Criticism Essay

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As a reader that is using the Reader-Response Criticism, the production of different responses of the text of Oedipus Rex is always different for each reader. The reader needs to examine the words thoroughly in their mind to come to an arguable conclusion. Oedipus has no fault in the actions that he did because he did not know at the moment, but how he tried to resolve things was not the way to go. The feeling I felt while reading the play is pure shock and hatred because of his actions, but he wouldn’t have done those things if he had known the truth. Although Oedipus was trying with all his power to find the culprit of his father, but while doing so, he showed weakness by his attributes, that led to his destiny.
Oedipus showed concern towards Thebes, but his actions impaired him state of mind. While reading the play I thought about what Steinfirst said about how “the text works to engage the reader into itself; the reader allows oneself to be drawn into the text and to become actively involved in a such a way that to such an extent that he or she becomes a co-creator of the work by supplying a portion of it that is only outlined and implied”, (114) which helped me to clear that there is no right or wrong answer. As I became actively involved I noticed that Oedipus’s had a bit a bit of a temper that did not help out the situation. An important attribute to the play is Oedipus not knowing that he killed his father, and not knowing that he was having sexual affairs with his mother because without those events he would have never figured out that he was the one that has caused the plague on Thebes. He tried everything to find out the killer of his father Laius that I would not agree with so much. His leadership skills lacked from ot...

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...ook like he was not dying inside of hurt and disgust. The message that I perceived from the play is that he has no courage. This is because instead of trying to fix things, he decides that blinding himself and leaving Thebes is the best option, which is helping no one.
Overall, Oedipus’s pride is what caused the truth to be unraveled so late. I was actually pretty mad when reading through this play because of all the connections there were that Laios and Jocasta was Oedipus’s parents. When Teiresias was speaking with Oedipus about him being the killer of the king, he just ignored it and went right along with his pride. If Oedipus would have at least tried to make an effort and listen to what people had to say in the beginning of the play, he would have saved him a lot of time on his hands and probably would have been less of a weak role model to his people of Thebes.

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