Occupation and its Relationship with Health and Wellbeing Essay

Occupation and its Relationship with Health and Wellbeing Essay

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This essay will first introduce the history of the Occupational Therapy profession and the different theories that guide the practises of Occupational Therapists. The essay will then go onto explain certain terms used within the Occupational Therapy profession and how they relate to occupation, health and well-being; as well as the importance of occupation in the occupational therapy profession and how occupation relates to health and well-being.

Townsend & Polatajko (2007) state that “Occupational therapy is the art and science of enabling engagement in everyday living, through occupation; of enabling people to perform the occupations that foster health and well-being; and of enabling a just and inclusive society so that all people may participate to their potential in the daily occupations of life”.

The Occupational therapy perspective has transformed historically overtime, evolving Occupation and the role it plays in people’s everyday lives. The occupational therapy profession was strongly influenced by the medical model involving close medical contributions. In the 1950’s the majority of Occupational Therapist worked for the National Health Service, working primarily in physical rehabilitation centres (Hagedorn 1995) seeing craft work as an integral part of Occupational Therapy as it was perceived as having therapeutic qualities (Hagedorn 1995). Between the 1960s -1980s craftwork was no longer valued as important and the philosophy of the occupational therapy shifted to biomechanical exercises that incorporated adapted equipment increasingly using sensory motor techniques (Hagedorn 1995) and then from the 1980’s Occupational Therapist began to focus more on the occupational needs and competencies of a person (Hagedorn 1995)....

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