Obstacles of Fathers in the United States Essay

Obstacles of Fathers in the United States Essay

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The purpose of this article is to better understand the outlooks, levels of engagement, and obstacles of fathers in the United States. The authors noted that fathers who participated in this survey range between the age of 18 and older. This telephone survey consists of fathers themselves answering questions related to their own fatherhood roles. Further, this article presents the results of the hundreds of American men promoting behaviors, such as agreeing or disagreeing about being involve, cohabitating or married to the child or children mother. This child may be an adoptive or biological child. The dilemma that is exposed in this research argues that a young father compared to an older father, is relative different with the religion background and economic status. The national survey further suggested that unmarried fathers pursued counsel from older fathers, for fatherhood advice. (Glenn & Popenoe, 2006).

What kind of study is this?
This is a quantitative research study in which a group of fathers are given a sample telephone questionnaire, concerning their views of themselves about fatherhood. It also showed the statistics of a sample of 701 men who recognized the significant aspect, feelings, and experiences of their fatherhood roles. Also, a majority of the participants agree that fatherhood is important in our society, for a better family structure (Glenn & Popenoe, 2006).

What is the general purpose of the study?
The ultimate purpose of this study is to focus on African American and other ethnic minority fathers and their relationship-skills. The main emphasis is on the father’s involvement, educational skills, work responsibilities, finance and their own perception of themselves in this telephone survey. Fur...

... middle of paper ...

...ers plays a significant role in their child or children lives. There is a need for good fathers in the United States because of so many single-parent mothers. It is so important for fathers to have a good relationship with the mother of their child because that reflects the father-child relationship in future endeavors. The statistics were high in regards to fathers who want to become great fathers and becoming involves more in their children lives. In the future, more fathers need to take this survey honestly and read it again and again, if necessary to prepare themselves for fatherhood and setting the example of a good role model for their families and sons.


Glenn, N., Popenoe, D. (2006). Pop’s Culture: A National Survey of Dad’s Attitudes on Fathering. National Fatherhood Initiative, 1-26. Retrieved from http: //www.fatherhood.org.

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