Objectives Of A Sustainable Development Essay

Objectives Of A Sustainable Development Essay

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Sustainable development is often considered in terms of three main inter-linked dimensions: environmental, social, and economic. Nowadays, the quest for profit can never be the only objective of business. Combining multiple goals together three-dimensionally is a efficient way to business success (Follett. M, 2013). According to Puma’s target, it has made targets to become the most sustainable Sport Lifestyle company in the word (Puma annual report, 2012, p110). It has been pursuing its goals and shown its initiatives on sustainability in terms of social, environmental, economic during its business since 1993. Increasingly awareness on sustainability during customers is driving many companies to put sustainability on the center of their strategies and act more sustainable during doing business. The maintenance of five kinds of capital: natural, manufactured, human, financial, and social should be putted on the core for the sustainability of economic development (Goodwin, N. 2003). As we can see from figure 1, the five capitals can contribute to three types of sustainability respectively. In the following paragraphs, according to the categories represented in this figure, Puma’s sustainability in three dimensions will be evaluated, and additionally, weaknesses on environmental sustainability and strategies for further development will be discussed in depth. Critically evaluation of Puma’s sustainability
Social sustainability:
Social capital and human capital are key types of capital contributed to social sustainability. In the following part, strategies made to enhance Puma’s social capital and human capital will be evaluated.
Article wrote by Quelch and Jocz (2009) claims that with shared norms of mutual obligations...

... middle of paper ...

...ngthen the knowledge, skills, abilities and behavior (Puma Annual Report, 2013, p64). All these things can contribute to productive work.

Economic Sustainability:
Economic sustainability is another aspect companies need to focus on in terms of sustainable development. According to figure 1, manufactured capital and financial capital can contribute to economic sustainability. Efforts made by Puma to enhance its manufactured capital will be evaluated in this part.
Manufactured capital includes all material resources and infrastructures owned, leased or controlled which contribute to the production process, but not become the output itself(Forum for the future). To pursue sustainable development, organizations need to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness during using manufactured capital and practice policies as well (The Dictionary of Sustainable Management).

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