Obesity : The Fast Food Essay

Obesity : The Fast Food Essay

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Obesity is weighing this country down. Fast food restaurants have become incredibly prominent and reliable throughout the United States. A commonly used excuse that America’s newfound obesity issue is due to the comparatively cheaper fast food to that of an organic meal is thought to be misconceived. Although it is true that fast food in fact is cheaper than purchasing an organic meal, there are healthier affordable alternatives than fast food. Nevertheless, the issue is, who is to blame? The fast food companies, or the consumer. While many people argue the restaurants are to blame, it is ultimately the consumers who are to attribute to obesity.
Much like Burger King’s infamous meal, its a “whopping” fallacy in our contemporary nation: processed meals such as TV dinners, frozen pizzas, and kids meals are actually more expensive than foods with nutritious value such as fruits and vegetables. TV shows such as Sandra’s Money Saving Meals, and Biggest Loser, offer alternatives to the misconception of fast food being cheaper, but Americans still pursue their unhealthy habits in eating it. As obesity increases, society is
promoting it even more, everywhere you go there is a McDonalds nearby, and Americans are “lovin’ it”. Fast food is in fact not cheaper. The dilemma is not what you choose to consume, but rather where you go to buy it. A burger at McDonalds may be cheaper than the given salad, however at your local supermarket a salad is cheaper than a burger. Giving children money for preservative filled school lunch may be quick and seem cheap, but packing your child’s lunch is much more affordable in long run. By packing your child’s lunch, you are not only providing them with a healthy meal, but you are saving thousands of dolla...

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...d physical activity, can lower the risk of becoming obese and developing related diseases” (Surgeon General). With this being said, it all leads back to the point that people need to take responsibility for what is entering their bodies, rather than blaming the companies who provide the food and they voluntarily purchase to enter their body..

Consequently, “Dr. Jonathan Bechtel’s recent survey claims that people choose to eat fast food because it’s quick, it’s cheap, and it’s tasty.” A burger may be quick but so is a banana in your purse. Fries may be cheap but so is an apple. Fast food may be tasty but so is a strawberry. American may have to reorder their priorities regarding where they spend their money and their time so that they can make healthier eating choices and save some money. Americans need to stop “runnin’ on Dunkin’” and start running on a treadmill.

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