Obesity Is Becoming The Leading Cause For America 's Most Serious Health Crisis

Obesity Is Becoming The Leading Cause For America 's Most Serious Health Crisis

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Since 2010 more than 30 percent of Americans were obese. The statistics of obesity is becoming the leading cause to America 's most serious health crisis. More and more America’s are becoming over weight due to lack of awareness, healthier foods, and not enough exercise. Michelle Obama has started the awareness in child obesity campaigning, “Let’s Move”. Research has shown that one and three children in the nation are obese or overweight. President Obama has help implemented Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which regulates the quality of foods feder-ally subsidized schools may serve to children and prompt physical exercise. According to Introduction of Sociology text book, “functionalism, also called structural functional theory, sees society as a structure with interrelated parts designed to meet the biological and social needs of individuals who make up that society, and Conflict theory sees society as being made up of individuals who must compete for social, political, and material resources.” While a structuralist would say that obesity would help contributes to more jobs and awareness to become healthier, and the conflict theorist would say, the increase of fast food company’s has caused inequities of those who are overweight; by making it very difficult to eat healthier.
A growing increase in obese or overweight individuals has contribute to job security. With more than 30 percent of American’s overweight, has caused an inclining ladder in the fast food industry. According to CNBS news article, “Fast food nation: What 's driving the jobs numbers”, fast food companies are employing more than 355,000 this year due to more American’s are eating out more (fast food nation). They are many causes of obesity, such as h...

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...hildhood obesity.” Subsequently, a large number of over-weight people are at danger for unjustifiable treatment, and there are very few programs accessible to give support or security. This in fact creates inequality for those who are over weight, and limits them to become healthier.
The growing issue of obesity in the nation can be slowed, if society focuses on the causes. There are many components that play into obesity, some being more crucial than others. The most important factor is to select healthier food choices and exercising regularly. If society enforce a healthier lifestyle, then many obesity problems could be avoided. By exercising and making the right nutritional choices, will eventually spill over into other aspects of their life. Focusing on these causes may, over time, decrease childhood and adult obesity and lead to a healthier society as a whole.

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