Essay on Obamacare : Health Care System

Essay on Obamacare : Health Care System

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ObamaCare serves the purpose of expanding health insurance access, protecting patients against arbitrary actions by insurance companies, and reducing overall costs (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services [HHS], 2014). As discussed in the above section, evidence shows that there are many issues in our current health care system that warrants change. These changes will more or less take years to establish in full momentum but it is important to start supporting this change now. These changes will pursue the overall improvement of our current health care system while ensuring a healthier nation.
Increasing access to health care encourages everyone to seek medical care without the fear of getting a large medical bill. Currently, there are millions of Americans without health insurance (ObamaCare Facts, 2014). ObamaCare implemented changes in the system by lowering health care costs while enhancing quality of care. Likewise, expanding the Medicaid program decreases the burden on low-income families (HHS, 2014). This is done by expanding coverage to a variety of population, even individuals with chronic and pre-existing conditions (Simas, 2014), which ensures supply-based care. Individuals will have more choices in health care insurance plans that fit their needs and affordability (ObamaCare Facts, 2014). Insurance companies will be held accountable for this mandate and make changes in their systems as well (ObamaCare Facts, 2014).
Implementation of the Insurance Marketplace (IM) will encourage those who are uninsured to pick a health insurance plan of their choice. This will be done at an affordable cost with an incentive of a tax credit through the Federal government (ObamaCare Facts, 2014). This will ultimately fit their prefe...

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...ive ways to implement ObamaCare will assure the affordability and attainability of health insurance. Additionally, ObamaCare will also help decrease the per capita cost of healthcare (Farley, 2014). One such example is the Medicare reform. The cutbacks in payments to private insurers that provide coverage through Medicare saved $17 billion in fiscal year of 2013, which reduced the health care spending by 0.6% (Farley, 2014). Additionally, in an op-ed on Politico, Altman (2013) reports that due to the cost-containment provisions of the law, limitations will be placed on how much insurance companies will be allowed to charge for services, which will drive the health care costs down. These efforts serve the purpose of providing health insurance accessibility to all, protecting people from insurance companies’ arbitrary actions, and lower the cost of health care overall.

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