Nurses 's Responsibility For Patient 's Health And Wellbeing Essay

Nurses 's Responsibility For Patient 's Health And Wellbeing Essay

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Nurses have a great responsibility for patient’s health and wellbeing. Patients are the centre of professional nursing practice, therefore, is it important that nurses understand the legal, ethical and professional issues they will face in their career. Regulatory guidelines are what underpin the nurse’s decision making and safeguard both patient and the nurse. This assignment aims to discuss the principles and theories that assist a nurse’s moral judgement when faced with moral issues and to explore the legal and professional laws and guidelines that underpin them. To help illustrate the assignment and prevent the assignment from being abstract and disconnected from what nurses do in clinical practice, a scenario regarding Mr Smith will be used.
Scenario A “Mr Smith is a 67 year old widowed gentleman admitted to the Medical Admissions Unit (MAU) with a urinary tract infection (UTI). Doctors have prescribed a course of intravenous (IV) antibiotics to treat the UTI and prevent complications such as septicaemia, which can lead to death. The UTI has caused Mr Smith to become very confused and he is refusing all treatment. The multi-disciplinary team (MDT) including nurses and doctors and the patient’s family have all tried to explain to Mr Smith how important it is to have the IV antibiotics, but he still refuses. The MDT decided that Mr Smith did not have the ‘capacity’ to make an informed decision; they decided that it was in his ‘best interests’ to have the prescribed treatments, which they therefore continued to give.”
Morality is a system of complex rules, regulations, principles, obligations, virtues and values. The way people are brought up, the society in which people live and grow up in and cultural and religi...

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...l state and confusion in older adults (Sacks, 2015), moreover the unwise decision to refuse treatment for his UTI has alerted the MDT to the need of assessing Mr Smith’s of capacity. The Mental Capacity Act (2005) (MCA) is a legal guidance on how mental capacity should be determined in such situations. This is one of many acts that safeguards nurses and other health profession. another act that is relevant to scenario is the

DISCUSS THE ACTS AND WHY THEY ARE RELEVENT TO THIS SCENARIO best intersts act page 92 red book pg 88 human rights act//// pg 70 medical law yellow book
Mental Capacity Act. (2005). Section 5. Retrieved from

Fant, C. (2012). Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing. Nurse Together. Retrieved November 20, 2012 from:

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